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Wigrum is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Anouk Pennel and Raphaël Daudelin in The design deviates from the standard geometric sans model with some unusual characters like the criss-crossed uppercase W and the lowercase g that looks more like an 8.
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Women and girls named Clara or Klara appear again and again, although in historical circumstances and sequences that mean they are not the same Clara who Wigrum knew and admired from afar.

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The housekeys of Wallner and Salterton are almost incidental to the story, however, and an item such as their monogrammed handkerchiefs would have been as interesting for Wigrum to own, perhaps more so, since they share their initials with S ebastian W igrum and J oseph S tepniac. Overall, the stories of these two sets of keys tie together to create a story about subjectivity, individuality, and selfhood that might expand to fill a whole novel of its own.

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For those who, like this reviewer, enjoy detecting those patterns, Wigrum supplies an abundance of additional references to other literary works and historical motifs. Hemingway, Proust, and J. Salinger all appear, as does the Second World War especially bombing, from the London Blitz to kamikaze pilots , nineteenth-century con artistry, and the early history of computing. Wigrum supplies as many referential rabbit-holes as we might care to go down, but cross-referencing them all is the kind of maddening task which seems at once impossible and enticing, as when first looking into other highly elusive works, Pale Fire chief among them.

For the reader of the English version, this can only underline that our experience of the book is mediated, but in any language it looks, presented in white marginal space, like the notes accompanying an exhibition in a museum.

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The easiest rationale for this to imagine is that the originals are provided to allow us to make our own translations, in case we are unsatisfied with the apparently multilingual scholarship of the catalogue; its purpose as a device in a novel, then, is to add to the authenticity of the device, but also to lend multiplicity to a collage of experiences that would otherwise seem too authoritative, too single.

This concern to express neither too much nor too little authority is only one of several fine lines Wigrum walks in its expression, and preserving that is ably managed by the English translation.

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The font designed for Wigrum , which bears the same name, also recently won … Grafika award for excellence in design in Quebec. See the full list of Alcuin winners here. To see a few of the …. Below are a few brief excerpts: Jacob, … trading off, they read alternating sections from Wigrum.

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Books Fiction Wigrum. By Daniel Canty Daniel Canty is a Montreal-based writer and film director who works in literature, film, theatre and design, and new media.