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Editorial Reviews. Review. "If you want a story that will grip your heart and bring all your Sweat Equity (Stewart Realty Book 2) - Kindle edition by Liz Crowe.
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I'm over it. Jul 10, TJ Creque rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-challenge. I thought Sweat Equity was a great sequel to book 1 Floor Time. This is where Sara and Jack continue their love story. However, there are still misgivings about the relationship. There are a lot of trust issues on both Sara and Jack's part. Even though eventually they do become engaged it is short lived because neither one of them know what they really want. Sara finds condoms on a weekend trip he took and rather than to try to explain, which he could do, he ruins it and they split up.

Sara runs to Craig a colleague that she works with who is more than willing to be there for Sara, but she is only using him for sexual release. She doesn't want to hurt Craig but that is exactly what she is doing. Jack runs back to this psychotic woman, whom he doesn't like but he's a man who still doesn't fully get it. Will Jack finally get it and beg Sara to come back, and will Sara continue to use Craig as she mourns the loss of Jack? Those are all good questions as you read this novel you will be captivated by the twist and turns of how the author captivates you and keeps the pages turning.

I really enjoyed this novel and I can't wait to read Closing Costs. This novel was gifted to me by the author Liz Crowe. Jul 08, Michelle Heron rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Sweat Equity is the second installment in the Stewart Realty series by Liz Crowe and picks up some months after Floor Time which is book one. Even with all the back and forth, I really enjoyed this instalment of their book and will continue on with the rest of their story in hopes that both Jack and Sara will finally get 'their version' of a happily ever after.

Oct 16, Adria's Musings and Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: read-and-reviewed. Originally posted on Breath of Life Reviews Falling in love is the easy part. Overcoming years of emotional damage and conditioning in order to be with the one you love? Not so easy.

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Sweat Equity picks up where Floor Time left off. Jack Gordon and Sara Thorton are in love, they're engaged, then they're not, and they still have issues. Big ones. Get ready for the angst and turmoil readers, Sweat Equity excels at putting you through the emotional ringer with Jack and Sara and you just might enjoy the Originally posted on Breath of Life Reviews Falling in love is the easy part.

Get ready for the angst and turmoil readers, Sweat Equity excels at putting you through the emotional ringer with Jack and Sara and you just might enjoy the ride more than you think! Jack and Sara started a whirlwind affair in Floor Time and never really got to know each other as individuals, it was a bit too easy for them. They tried to completely bypass their own problems as well as each others and just be together. However, you can't just stuff your problems into a closet. Sooner or later, that closet door is going to burst open and your problems are going to suffocate you.

Despite what people say, love is NOT all you need. That point is really emphasized in Sweat Equity. Author Liz Crowe does an excellent job of giving her characters and maybe even a few readers a reality check about relationships. If Dr. Phil helped fictional characters, I'd be hard pressed to find two characters who'd need his help more than Jack and Sara. And as if those two didn't have enough problems between them, there's now the added element of Craig, who wants to be the one who makes Sara forget Jack.

Looking at Craig without rose colored glasses on, he knew what he was getting into and he knew it was going to be an uphill battle he may not win. He's not a bad guy though. He had to try, even if he thought he'd fail. That's part of real life too. You never know how things will turn out if you don't try. I really liked him and because to me, characters are real, I hope he finds someone to make him happy. Jack and Sara's story isn't an easy one, it isn't a fairytale, their problems aren't going to be solved simply by saying "I love you" and the end of the book doesn't guarantee a "Happily Ever After," merely a "What Happens Next.

I am learning, she is a woman of her word. Jack and Sara, to me, represent every couple in today's world.

Stewart Realty

Maybe to varying degrees but we are all either Jack or Sara. We don't have all the answers, we all have problems and sometimes those problems interfere with our love lives in a big way. There are a few minor typos and missing words in Sweat Equity but it wasn't too big of a deal, my mind took over and I knew what words went where and what the author was trying to say.

You can't catch every error you know. I'm still in the early stages of reading the next book in the series, Closing Costs and I still have a few books to go after that but I know in my heart that Jack and Sara are going to be two characters I'll never forget. Mar 20, Steph rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Engaged to her dream man Jack, Sara has everything she wants Heartbroken, Sara finds comfort in the arms of her friend and co-worker, Craig, while Jack flaunts a new woman around town.

Jack knows he's Engaged to her dream man Jack, Sara has everything she wants Jack knows he's lost the best thing that ever happened to him, but he also knows he isn't man enough to earn and hold her trust. Where do I start?! Gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, Sweat Equity is a roller coaster ride of emotions, taking you through a colossal train wreck of a relationship…then has you begging to go again.

Toward the end of the book, I truly thought that Jack had grown up and allowed himself to love Sara like she needed to be loved. Crowe has done an outstanding job of making you feel every verbal slap, every erotic touch, and every heartbreaking and colossal screw up from beginning to end. For its realistic story line and dialogue, ability to make me connect with every single character in the book and the capacity to both piss me off and turn me on simultaneously, Sweat Equity is much deserving of a JERR Gold Star Award.

I am waiting anxiously for Ms. Crowe's third installment in The Stewart Realty series with bated, and outraged, breath. Oct 13, Cynthia rated it really liked it. I felt for the most part the characters needed to grow up and find what they truly wanted. I thought the narrator did an outstanding job bring life to all the emotions the author gives us. You can feel the pain and the sexual emotions of each character.

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I felt she does this better than most narrators I have listened to. I was blow away by her sexual emotions she brought to this story. You have 3 people in this relationship, Jack who knows what he wants but doesn't know what life style he wants to live. He doesn't think Sarah is ready for what he wants out of her. He really isn't sure what he wants from her, he does ask her to marry him but is he really ready for marriage or is it a way to own her.

I really think he is just afraid to comment and goes about issues the wrong way to get himself out of it. Sarah is playing two men Jack and Craig, she runs to Craig when she gets mad at Jack. She is playing one against the other and really doesn't know what she wants. I really do not care to much for any of these characters but out of them all I dislike Sarah the most with her on and off again relationship with both men.

She really needs to grow up and get a life. Craig is willing to wait for Sarah he knows in the end he will have her. I guess out of any of the characters I feel the sorriest for him. He is to dumb to know he is being used and in the end he will lose. Just when you think Sarah and Jack will work it out there are to many doubts, old fears, and misunderstandings. She goes back to Craig.

Jack goes back to some crazy women he never wanted to start with. I never really understood why he went back to her. If he truly wanted Sarah he could have made her understand put he didn't put must effort into it. He just doesn't think she is ready for the lifestyle he wants. In my book all these characters need to get their act together and work out their issues.

I would have loved to have slapped each of them and maybe even banged a few heads together. The author does give you a major twist at the end and leaves you wondering what will happen. For me this was a hard book to review and most likely more to real life than any book I have read. I know some where in this world there are a ton of Sarah's and Jack's who are living their life making everyone around them unhappy as they play with others lives.

Even thought I do not like the characters I did enjoy the book and can't wait to see what the author does with her last twist she gave us. Feb 16, Romancing the Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica , bdsm , contemporary. I have to take just a minute and say holy crap! This book blew me away. Her characters are incredibly complex beyond words. Sara Thornton. I really wanted to smack her in the head so many times during this installment!

I mean come on. But, as the reader, I could really see her inner turmoil and the conflict within her mind about what she truly wanted, especially after her childhood. And Jack. I still think he is an incredible dominating Alpha male! His possessiveness towards Sara was amazing and my heart truly went out to him. Along with Sara and Jack, Ms. Crowe brings back all the loving secondary characters we met in book 1. They really added the perfect amount of depth to the Stewart Realty group and kept me focused on the entire setting! So, I definitely recommend this book with the highest possible ratings!

I loved every gut wrenching moment, many of which truly brought me to tears for this conflicted couple! This series is by far my absolute favorite series, written with the perfect amount of sexiness, sizzling hot passion, dominating men and stubborn women! Another incredible job, Ms. May 30, Angela rated it it was amazing.

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However, Sara is still very untrusting of Jack and soon this is their demise. Top all that hunk off with an uncommon nicene PDF via Kindle Fire free for honest review Sara and Jack are now engaged and planning a wedding. Top all that hunk off with an uncommon niceness and he is just the thing Sara needs.

This book is full of emotional turmoil, relationship woes, and mind blowing sex. Will Sara and Jack be able to work out their differences again and get back together? Or will Sara decide to give Craig a shot at her heart? Can Sara and her brother Blake ever get over the fact that not all men are like their Father, who caused nothing but heartache for their Mother?

I enjoyed this book, but I think I liked the first book concerning Sara and Jack better. I felt this one was a lot of back and forth and back and forth of emotions concerning Sara and Jack. She loved him, she hated him…no she loved him…no she hated him. I know this can be how real life can be or seem, but I think it pinballed back and forth a bit too much. The characters became a bit more developed in this book though and more of their backgrounds came out, which I did like.

I also liked the concept of a confused woman not knowing whether to stay and fight for her love or just walk away. Sara is a bit inclined to jump to conclusions though, but that adds to her personality. The sex scenes in the book were just as hot or hotter than the first book!

The author is so descriptive I almost felt like it was all happening in my own living room or on my own TV, I could see it so clearly. It clearly continues form the first one though, so reading Floor Time before this one is a good idea to get the full concept. Mar 26, Jody rated it really liked it. The road to true love and happiness isn't without some twists and turns and bumps along the way, which perfectly describes the on-again off-again relationship between Jack Gordon and Sara Thornton in this second installment to Liz Crowe's Realtors' series.

Just when it seemed like they were on the right track at the end of the previous book, doubts, old fears, and misunderstandings arise to tear Sara and Jack apart again. Their relationship isn't the only one in turmoil as Sara's brother Blake's The road to true love and happiness isn't without some twists and turns and bumps along the way, which perfectly describes the on-again off-again relationship between Jack Gordon and Sara Thornton in this second installment to Liz Crowe's Realtors' series.

Their relationship isn't the only one in turmoil as Sara's brother Blake's love life has also veered off course. A lot of the issues these lovers have are purely due to misunderstandings and letting past hurts affect the future which was very frustrating and made me hate these characters from time to time. At the same time I was desperate for them to find happiness with those so obviously perfect for them. Sexual tension abounds in this story and kept me feeling edgy as the pages kept turning. The sexual interludes between the different couples were nicely spaced throughout the story and just as steamy as in the previous book with a bit of lite BDSM to keep things even more tense.

This wasn't an easy book to read. It's highly emotional with likable characters doing unlikable things, but I was never bored and was totally drawn into this world waiting with bated breath for the next part of this rollercoaster ride to romance. Daily soap operas on tv pale in comparison to what Liz Crowe has created here! With so many romances left in limbo and a jaw dropping incident which I knew was coming but didn't diminish the shock coming at the very end of this book, I'm on pins and needles waiting to read the concluding book in this pull-out-your-hair-tug-out-your-heart series.

Jack and Sara appear to be in the right direction to a happily ever after future These two characters are so stubborn and unwilling to give a little sometimes A difficult pregnancy, hormones all over the place and her usual stubbornness describes Sara. She has now read the rights to both Craig and Jack. She does not know who is the father and will not be finding out. She is going to raise this child by herself and no matter wha Jack and Sara appear to be in the right direction to a happily ever after future She is going to raise this child by herself and no matter what she will not listen to anyone with a different opinion of the situation.

Reading this book, I felt that Sara was holding Craig and Jack "prisoners" by not allowing them to find out who the father of Katie was.

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She says she wants nothing from them, but of course both men have to feel the responsibility toward a child they may have fathered. In all of this, Sara is not handling motherhood very well. Jack is again lost out there without a someone to love him unconditionally. His life is a mess and he is confused as to what he should do about the baby. As alluring as Sara and Jack's love affair has been, the raising and caring of this child is the real deal. They all are dealing with this out of love for Sara and the baby, but I think also from a standpoint of displaced responsibility.

Keep reading, folks! Jack and Sara are hot for each other and boy they do know how to mess up a good thing! Feb 15, Donna rated it really liked it. But can you ever truly trust a man-whore to change his wicked ways? Sara is not so sure.

See a Problem?

Plagued by bad dreams, past conquests popping up everywhere and her brother whispering in her ear she just may make a decision she could regret for a very long time. Those are the things that Jack loves most about her, but they are also aspects of his own personality and being that much alike may be just the thing to tear them apart.

Her temper, her honestly earned outrage, he fucking loved that about her. Holy cow I almost had heart failure the way they ping pong back and forth and Sara, wow I just wanted to smack her most of the time! I had a feeling the book was going to end the way it did but it still left me feeling a bit OMG! I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series Closing Costs and give this book 4 stars.

Mar 28, Lucy Felthouse rated it really liked it. But while their relationship status has changed, their mutual need for one another hasn Sweat Equity is the second book in The Realtors trilogy and it continues the story of Jack Gordon and Sara Thornton. But while their relationship status has changed, their mutual need for one another hasn't. Can they finally overcome all the barriers keeping them apart, or will their volatile relationship eventually come to a permanent end? It's very hard to write this review without giving any spoilers, so I'll be brief. I enjoyed this book. The characters, however frustrating they may be, are realistic and have dramas just like everyone else.

There's conflict galore, with lots of break up and make up sex, and even more sex besides - and it's always hot! I wasn't sure where the story was going as I got into this book, but by the time the ending arrived I'd guessed what was going to happen. Despite this, I'm interested to see where this new development takes the story, so bring on book three! Dec 05, Cassie Mcadams rated it it was ok. This is the second book in the Stewart realty company series by Liz Crowe.

I grinned and bared through the first book. I had plenty of issues with the first book but I had already bought the second thinking I would really like this series. I decided to read the second hoping and praying it would be better but that was not the case. I think what really did it for me was all the misspelled words, there were so many I could barely understand what was going on On top of that the plot was completely pointless their together all happy hunky dory she dumps him they both decide they want to work it out she freaks and dumps him again then she finds she's pregnant the end.

Sara is so infuriating and so obnoxious I couldn't stand to read about her. Jack isn't so bad but he's still kind of stupid. Then we have the random chapters about characters that aren't important like Blake. I'm all for gay marriage and gay relationships but I don't care to read about their sex lives. This book did nothing for me and I won't be continuing this series. I can't seem to figure out why people love it so much but that's just my opinion. Mar 04, DJ Sakata rated it really liked it. My Rating: 4. I hate him. I have a goddamned hole in my chest all day, every day.

Crowe teased me and kept me My Rating: 4. Crowe teased me and kept me on edge and my chest feeling tight throughout this volume.

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  • They are each miserable apart, but continue to cruelly eviscerate each other when they get together. And as misery loves company, it seems to be bleeding over into nearby relationships with a domino effect on their friends, and now no one is happy. If you love angst, you will enjoy this section of the story. Oct 07, Nic rated it it was amazing. I find it really difficult to write this review without giving any of the story away. So much happens in this next installment in the ongoing saga of Jack and Sara, are they together or are they apart.

    I felt so much angst while reading this novel, it was as though I knew these characters personally. I was definitely on an emotional rollercoaster ride! I have come to love all the characters in the Stewart Realty series, and I loved how I got to learn a little more about them in this novel.

    Apr 25, Tipsy Lit rated it it was amazing. Two words. Jack Gordon. Sweat Equity book 2 of Stewart Realty is both: 1. Whaddaya know? Confession IS good for the soul. Happy Tuesday!

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    Wanna step up your game a little bit? Suit yourself with a nice watch. Come see us :. Well hang onto your hats because things are about to change! Link to entire review in a comment: This book spoke to me unlike any other. The friends and situations in this book are so real to that it could be biographic rather than fiction.

    Jack and Sara are two A type personalities that truly don't know how to give in or back down from one another. Sara is no wimp and does not spend any time at all being whiny or needy. She is career driven and knows what she wants out of her life and will let nothing or no one including a very sexy co worker get in the way of her goals. Jack is sexy guy who gets who and what he wants with little effort. He wants Sara and it's gonna take a lot of effort. You love him. You hate him. But you can't NOT read him! When your hotel gym is garbage, you find the closest real gym and join it for a few days!

    Another busy day of handing out flyers out in 2 days my legs are like rubber. Thank goodness I took a break to go visit my fave realtor other than me at her open house roxyrealtor Damn we are good looking! Ok she is! Good for you. Real Estate and Business is my Passion. Best of luck to Ryan for being the sexiest chef in America. Absolutely delicious!

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