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Stoned definition is - drunk. How to use stoned in a sentence.
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Wombat in South Australia stoned by off-duty police officer in sickening footage

A legend in Jerome and Epiphanius states that he was stoned to death at Daphnae, but the biography, though not averse from horrors, does not mention this. He was stoned to death, and Rehoboam realizing the temper of the people fled to Jerusalem and prepared for war. The soldiers stoned the image of Christ which Irene had set up afresh in the palace of Chalce, and this provoked a counter-demonstration of the clergy. We and the world were created by accident by a really stoned deity on a massive bender.

English fans stoned and threw beer cans at portuguese fans in Gelsenkirchen witnessed by a portuguese TV crew. He was stoned to death in the reign of Joash, for denouncing the idolatry of the princes of Judah. Will's jealousy problems escalate when he gets stoned and in a jealous rage, tries to force himself on Sam at a party.


Also, the actor who had played the scary nerd in the first play was now playing a stoned 6th former. The feeling of being ' stoned ' or ' high ' is caused by the THC binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Later another committed adultery and the king wanted him to be stoned but they said No, until you stone so-and-so.

With the original stoned virus, the payload was the occasional message " Your PC is now Stoned! The head of the animal or man may be cut off and custom often requires that a single blow shall suffice , its spine broken or its heart torn out; it may be stoned , beaten to death or shot, torn in pieces, drowned or buried, burned to death or hung, thrown down a precipice, strangled or squeezed to death.

If the player is riding a mount , they will be dismounted. It also disables any accessories that grant immunity to fall damage, including the Lucky Horseshoe and all types of wings.

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The debuff can only be inflicted by Medusa when the player is in her line of sight and looking at her during her attack state. The debuff lasts seconds, depending on how long Medusa has been in the attack state before the player faced her. The debuff can be prevented by equipping a Pocket Mirror.

Sign In. From Terraria Wiki. Even though we still go down to Woolworths, we still go to McDonald's, we still go to wherever — we still hunt our food too. Kaurna elder Jeffrey Newchurch likened the petition to colonisation and said Mr Johncock should not be condemned.

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He said it was time for Aboriginal communities and government departments to sit down together and reach some "common ground" on traditional hunting methods. Wombat Awareness Organisation founder Brigitte Stevens, who started the online petition, said it was "unacceptable" that it was being considered as a traditional hunt. SA Premier Steven Marshall said he found the footage "gut-wrenching" and he "abhorred the glorification of animal cruelty".

Wombats SA president Peter Clements said the viral video could see changes in the law and local Aboriginal people could be "in danger of losing their right to do this hunting in a traditional way if they are going to behave like this guy did on video".

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Topics: police , crime , law-crime-and-justice , indigenous-other-peoples , indigenous-culture , indigenous-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander , community-and-society , adelaide , port-lincoln , yalata , sa , australia. First posted October 04, More stories from South Australia. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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