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"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" Performance - A CHRISTMAS STORY LIVE

The child actor quit acting a few years after the film came out and transitioned into a graphic designing career. In Petrella was living in San Francisco and felt wayward about his life, but after talking to Jones one day, Petrella decided it'd be a good change of pace to temporarily move into the Cleveland home and give tours.

Petrella moved into the house's closed-to-the-public third-floor space and went to work performing meet-and-greets with the visitors. The film has a couple of noteworthy cameos.

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The man who berates Ralphie while waiting in line to see Santa at Higbee's is none other than the film's narrator and co-writer, Jean Shepherd. Director Bob Clark also makes a Hitchcockian cameo: He's the nosy hillbilly neighbor who sees the leg lamp in the window and approaches the Old Man. Shucks, I wouldn't have knowed [sic] that. It looks like a lamp," Swede says, thus drawing more attention from the neighborhood. It wasn't until a decade ago when Warner Bros. When Ward signed his contract to play Scut "Yellow Eyes" Farkus in the '80s, he didn't receive merchandising rights because of a mishap with his contract.

So when Ward discovered the studio had authorized a figurine resembling Ward without his permission, he sued Warner Bros. Eventually, Ward settled that and another merchandising lawsuit. Peter Billingsley, aka Ralphie, grew up to become a Hollywood big shot. As an adult,Billingsley segued from acting to producing big-budget films like Iron Man.

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He met an unknown actor named Vince Vaughn in and the two later would collaborate on Couples Retreat Billingsley's directorial debut and The Break-Up. With the exception of attending one Christmas Story reunion on , Billingsley has pretty much severed his ties with cast members, although he produces A Christmas Story: The Musical on Broadway.

Jean Shepherd's estate exclusively asked Billingsley to produce, because they knew his expertise would be beneficial for the adaptation. Two subpar sequels have been made to A Christmas Story. Clark and Shepherd made a summer version of the film in called It Runs in the Family not to be confused with the Michael Douglas film of the same name.

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The film was originally called My Summer Story, but the studio changed the title at the last minute. Because of the name change and because the studio didn't do a good job marketing it as a sequel to the original, it bombed at the box office and hasn't been thought of much since. In a straight-to-DVD sequel called A Christmas Story 2 was made, which takes place during Christmastime five years after the first film.

Needless to say, everyone who knew about this turkey pretended hell hadn't just frozen over. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This Is the Dumbest Thing Ever. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies. Every Movie in the 'Halloween' Series, Ranked.

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Colin Fox Ming the Merciless scenes deleted. Paul Hubbard Flash Gordon scenes deleted. Jim Hunter Freight Man. Patty Johnson Head Elf. David Svoboda Kid with Goggles. Dwayne McLean Black Bart. Helen E. Kaider Wicked Witch. John Wong Chinese Father. Johan Sebastian Wong Waiter 1. Fred Lee Waiter 2. Dan Ma Waiter 3. Rocco Bellusci Street Kid.

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Tommy Wallace Boy in School. Leigh Brown Woman in Line for Santa uncredited. Bob Clark Swede uncredited. Don Geyer Scarecrow uncredited.