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Patrick W. Galbraith and Jason G. Karlin. University of Tokyo, Japan. / - Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture.
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The webpage includes such content as longer second versions of the television commercials, videos of the making of the commercials, downloadable PC wallpapers, and even recipes for the foods the idol eats in the commercials. Besides purchasing the products their idol endorses, they collect and share information about the idol through social media that publicizes the products.

Fans post announcements or reactions to each new commercial on personal websites, social media, and blogs. Fans also obligingly visit the websites of the corporate sponsors to repeatedly watch the spot and peruse other content featuring the idol. Many fans collect commercials featuring their idols.

Idols and celebrity in japanese media culture

Japanese idols are as much devices for advertising as they are entertainers and performers. With idols appearing in advertising campaigns for numerous companies, they may earn most of their income from this. There are plenty of boring facts in full detail. As much curious as I am for virtual idols and old past idols and the gay community rooting for X idol, it dragged a bit. Honestly I am not a The subject is very interesting if you are fan of J-pop or J-culture, but the way it was presented -the way it was written- made it hard to enjoy it at full.

I did not read it before since I don't follow the group and I was surprised and a little bit in awe. Mostly I've read this for the Johnnys chapter, which was hilarious. The little conversation transcribed between Nino and Ohno was so amusing. I knew they love to fanservice, but I wasn't aware that it was so much.

It cracked me up. So basically this book tells that idols are normal people without a talent dancing nor singing nor acting but they have that "something" that is, merely, charisma. We fans know that they are hopeless and we still love them. It is funny. Also funny and so over-the-top is how far some fans will go for their idols. As in, buying 10, 20 CDs to make them on the Top Charts! Buying 10, 20 CDs to shake their hands! Now I am constantly wondering if XX idol, just because they are on the top, means they are popular Is Arashi really that popular? Or are there enough crazy fans that buy and buy their stuff so their sales numbers are high?

I wonder. If you are a fan, read it. Most facts maybe will sound familiar, since as a fan, you are in that environment. In spite of the bad presentation, it was an interesting book.

Japanese Idol Culture and Influence in Thai Media (10 Min Ver)

Some chapters. This book explains various things about idols in Japan and I learned a lot from this book. Being a collection of essays written by different people, each chapter in the book feels slightly different from one another. I can feel few parts are repeated a few times in different chapters. Each chapter reads like one academic paper thus it contains many references to other readings. The content itself is revealing, but the delivery makes the book a not-so-easy reading.

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Feb 03, fonz rated it liked it. Dejan a sus mujeres y sus hijos en casa para ir a los encuentros con sus idols favoritas; oh, eres tan mona. Luego vuelven a casa y las ponen verdes en 2chan.

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Los adoramos" - First Summer Uika. View all 3 comments. Jul 05, B rated it really liked it. Relevant, well-researched, mostly well-written, brings up fascinating ideas about the idol culture. Montag bis Freitag - Samstag - Bestellte Waren holen Sie hier ab: Kasse im Erdgeschoss.

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Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture 1st ed. Sprache: Englisch. Buch kartoniert. This is the most complete and compelling account of idols and celebrity in Japanese media culture to date.