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Observing is not an action done by you. It happens naturally. You can try to stop it, but you cant. Its infinite.

See a Problem?

Close your eyes and awareness is still there. Stop thinking and awareness is there. You see, hear, feel and exist effortlessly. Let your thoughts be how they are. But realize that you are watching them. Its in your presence that they rise and fall. Without your presence and awareness they wouldnt even exist. They have no power. You are the presence watching it all that is silent, unattached, unaffected, unchanging, neutral and before the mind. Pure awareness has no desires, faults, aversions, preferences, etc.

It just is. The observer. The witness. When we are in the space of awareness, things become peaceful and effortless. We see our life as an experience. There becomes a distance between everything. Were no longer trapped in our thoughts and problems and stories. We feel beyond them.

How to Let Go - Letting Go, Being Carefree and Releasing Attachment

Excuses :This is too hard, thats too hard, I dont like this or that, I have this problem, I need this, I need to do that, I want this, I want that, blah blah blah; thats all the voice. Any drama attached to something is the voice of the mind. Things just are, but the complaining is the voice making them into something. Any problem; confusion, sadness, hate, anger, etc, is all in the mind. Not real. Just rises and falls of energy, which the mind makes worse by resisting. Naturally, if they were to arise, they would leave naturally, and wouldnt affect you. Anger, pain, confusion, sadness, grief, happiness: Are you these things, or do you simply notice them appearing, arising, doing whatever they do and then disappearing?

They come and go, but awareness is always there. Its aware of them, and awareness witnesses. It doesnt try to change, make better, force, look elsewhere. It watches but theres distance. It doesnt cling to anything. Notice the neutral emptiness and silence that you are. Thats your core. Thats your centre. Not the ego you. Thats just an idea of yourself. So throughout all the thoughts, positive or negative, there was an observer. Right now, awareness is the observer. This pure awareness is in every person. Its in every animal. Its primal. It always was. The mind came after it as a way to interact with the world.

Its the ego that comes after this. Now realize that your idea of you is a collection of thoughts. Theyre now just memories and experiences. If there is any struggle, notice who is doing the struggling. Who is observing yet unattached from the suffering? The silent and peaceful witness. Even the wanting to get it back or make it stay are thoughts, being witnessed by the observer, who can never leave. In its presence all those concepts are being witnessed. The only choice is where your awareness stays.

Now, what does this awareness look like? Empty, dark, spacious, clear? These are all just images in your mind. Have a look and see if you can see whats seeing. Know that any answer from the mind is just a thought or image or memory. You want direct experience. Keep looking, and notice that whatever answers and questions, happiness and doubt arises its still the mind.

But notice what is witnessing all this. If you feel aware of awareness itself, stay there. But watch out for thoughts arising and covering it up or complicating it. The only reason we are not aware of awareness itself constantly is because thoughts cover it up: Ive found it!!! Thought being witnessed by awareness How do I keep this? Thought What if this leaves? Thought What do I do? Thought Its hard holding on to this! Thought Whats the point? Stay with that awareness. Its always there.

You are it. You cannot get it. Thinking you will get it at some future point is imagining it as a conceptual thing, and realize that that thought is arising in that awareness. You cannot get what you already are. The thought of getting it is appearing in what you want to get.

You cannot find what you are because you are looking from what you are. You cant even meditate on awareness. That would just be meditating on a picture or concept.

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You want to be it. You want to be aware of it and keep your attention there. So realize that the ego mind made identity is not you. You are witnessing it. Then, realize that ego is just a thought. It doesnt exist. Everything is a thought memory. Look at whats here now. You are. Thats it. So all things are perceived by the perceiver. They happen in front of it. Its the mind-ego that wants to push, pull, force, change, get respect, get upset etc etc.

The awareness itself is accepting. It just witnesses it all. Awareness is nothing but the fresh present moment. Already free, clear, neutral, spacious and peaceful. Always here.

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Always now. Practical Applications: Apart from meditating on it as a still meditation, you can use it as an active meditation as you go about your daily routines. The questions Who am I? BTW, all answers from the mind are just reasons to keep looking. You want a feeling not an emotion rather than a thought.

You want to tap into awareness rather than get a logical answer. Whos feeling, thought or story is this? What is here now is breathing and sensations, sights and sounds. What is aware of this? Who is experiencing this? If you dont go into memory, can you actually find anyone there, apart from presence or awareness? Does that awareness have or ever had itself any problems? Who is doing this?

Who is the doer of this? If you are walking; Who is walking? Eating; Who is eating? To whom does this thought arise? To me. Then who am I? Is this real? Or is it a story in my mind? Can you simply allow yourself to be? Can I find this me or am I simply aware of an idea of me? Am I confused, or is my mind confused? Who does it belong to? Etc, etc, etc. Quotes There are two ways of growing: one is what I call the negative way When we see this thought, we naturally let go of it. However, the other way is the better. It is the positive way.

Quiet the mind and see who and what you really are, the infinite Self. Lester Levenson Look at your mind. That in itself is a good practice. It puts you apart from it.

8 Tips for Letting Go and Being More Carefree

You are looking at it. Watch your thoughts. Let it go it's way, just watch the mind. The ultimate witness is the Self. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Dont identify, dont touch. Observe only, remain neutral. With all thoughts, notice who or what is observing them. What can awareness want, lack, like or dislike or push away? Mooji In this moment, if you look into your direct experience youll discover that this thing called me is not actually who you are, its just another object.

Hale Dwoskin The only true and full awareness is awareness of awareness. Till awareness is aware of itself, it knows no peace at all. Losing the false ego in awareness, and firm abidance as awareness, is true clarity. If a man merely hears the true teaching but does not acquire it, he will fail in his search for Enlightenment. Reality is simply the loss of the ego How is the ego to be destroyed? Hold the ego first and then ask how it is to be destroyed. Who asks this question? It is the ego. Can the ego ever agree to kill itself? This question is a sure way to cherish the ego and not to kill it.

If you seek the ego you will find it does not exist. That is the way to destroy it Analyse your entire personality. Maharshi :By the inquiry 'Who am I? The thought 'who am I? Then, there will arise Self-realization. Awareness is not a quality of the Self. The Self is without qualities. Awareness is not an action of the Self. The Self does nothing. The greatest con that he ever pulled, was making you believe that he is you. The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive. The natural state is never lost.

It is not an appearance, and therefore it can never disappear. It is always the same. It is not an entity. Realise that the conceptual thinker and conceptual thoughts seemingly obscure the non-conceptual natural state. Pause a thought even for an instant and the natural state is fully evident. In the seeing, pure awareness gets used to itself". Sailor Bob Adamson Holistic Releases This is actually from the Sedona method, which has its basis in non-duality teachings. You dont have to know about either to do these or at the least, to try them. Ive been doing them for months, and added a few new ones every day for the last few weeks and thought Id post them up now I dont really seem to add any more these days.

Pretty fucking good. When I get attached to either the bad or good of something, it creates stress, and I either focus on the bad or lose the good, so holistic releases tend to put me in balance. BTW, The list is long. There's general releases, seduction releases, and releasing releases. So leave a few seconds between reading each statement. Basically one statement is a positive, and one is a negative, and obviously youre preference is to having the positive statement in your life, and what accepting both sides does is neutralize either belief, and this frees you of the attachment positive and the aversion negative.

Dont worry about it removing the positive if you already feel you have it or if its something youd rather have, it doesnt work like that. No belief is better than having a positive belief, and much better than having a negative belief. If youre familiar with positive thinking and replacing beliefs, it may scare you to think of not attaching yourself to the positive, but give them a try and go about your life as usual. By all means, have preferences in life and think about the things you do want, rather than the things you dont.

Also, they are not affirmations, so dont worry about words like not. For pairs that strike up any strong feelings, feel free to go over them a few times till you fully accept both sides of it.

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go. Letting go of our attachments

Being fully aware of them and their sensations in your body, and letting them be there, and letting them leave if they want. Acceptance is the word that resonates with me the most, but whatever works for you Accept the good, accept the bad. Resist nothing. Dont attach yourself to either. And more, and more, and more.

D, studied Sedona with Lester: What did I want to change? Could I let go of wanting to change that? It would be great if Could I let go of wanting to change that Could I let go of wanting to rewrite the past? When you find it hard to release it all ask : Could I let go of just 1 percent of wanting to change that situation? Could I let go of just 1 percent of wanting to change that and hold on to the rest? Could I accept 1 percent of?

Could I let go - for only a few seconds - of wanting to change this situation? Could I let go of just this part of wanting to change this Could I let go of wanting to change a tiny part of this? Can I increase the wanting to change the situation, feeling , more, and more? I won't let myself release this. Could I let go of wanting to change it and just let it be, without acting on it?

Could I hold on to this feeling, hold it and focus on it, and keep it? Could I let go of wanting to control this situation? Coudl I let go of wanting my own approval? Could I let go of wanting to control my own approval? Does this situation have to do with approval or control? Could I let go for if only 5 seconds of wanting approval? Could I let go of wanting to change that person?

Could I let go of wanting to control that person? Could I let go of wanting to protect myself the feeling of wanting to hide, be rude, run away, hostile, etc Could I let go of person, company, etc to be fair? Could I let go of wanting to change my - body, my fun, my excitement, my feelings? Could I let go of struggling to change it, could I let it 'be' for just a while?

Could I let go of wanting to understand? Sometimes when we realize we feel better and things work out better when we accept, or love, or let go of trying to control - and it ends up becoming another want. Could I let go of wanting to accept? Could I let go of wanting to release my feelings? Could I let go of wanting to hold on to my feeelings? Who or what am I afraid of now? Who or what do I want to control now? Whose approval do I want now? Am I insecure now? Who or what do I want to be separate from now?

What is the worst thing that could happen to me right now? Who or what am I resisting now? Could I let go of protecting myself with fear? Could I let go of being so smart and allow it to be other than I think it is? Daily Practice 1. Let go of your need to WIN 3. Could you stop asking your mind which does not have any answer? Could you let go of wanting to figure things out? Could you let go of wanting to know what to do? Could you let go of wanting to know the answers? Could you let go of wanting to know anything for this moment right now? And again, and again, etc.

Could you let go of wanting to think? Now, could you let go of disapproving yourself right now? Could you let go of beating yourself up for not having an answer? Could you give yourself approval for no reason? List of things you want in life Let go? Things you have in life Did I completely let go? Write your goal with correct wording. Read the goal. Write down the first thought or feeling that comes to mind in relationship to it. Keep working on the goal until you either get it or decide you no longer want it.

Let go? Feel Good? Did I completely let go? I now feel good about it. Make a list of the things you believe you must do to accomplish your goal. Write down your NOW feeling about doing each item in the list. Resistance Any time you feel like you have to, must do or should do anything, it brings up your resistance. Good and Bad exercise Whats good? Whats bad? What do I need to avoid to be happy? Releasing Pride e. Digging Deeper 1 Who or what am I judging? Could I let that go? Could I allow that person to be equal to me?

Could I allow myself to be equal to them?

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List and release. But, let go of beating yourself up. Did this person try to control me? Did I try to control this person? Do I now grant this person the right for this person to be as this person is? Repeat these questions until you can answer yes to question 3 1. Did I dislike or disapprove of anything in this person? Did this person dislike or disapprove of anything in me? Did this person challenge, oppose or threaten me?

Did I challenge, oppose or threaten this person? Do I have only a feeling of well being, a feeling of safety and trust with this person? GAINS 1. What are you feeling right now? Or: What is an issue, problem you'd like to release? Note: Even feeling nothing is a feeling. Could be: A feeling A memory An energy in your stomach, solar-plexus, chest, forehead or crown An emotion A fantasy An urge to do something else Tiredness A contraction A physical sensation An intuition A thought An inner aversion or resistance 2.

Could you emotionally embrace this Feeling? Experience anything that comes up. Could you emotionally welcome this Feeling? Give up wanting to Change it Relax with it Could you relax into this Feeling? Breathe with it Relax into the feeling Welcome all sensations, feelings, memories and thoughts that come up with it Go to the center of it Dive into it Allow it to Flow Allow it to dissolve Appreciate it Allow it to Be Welcome it Slightly deeper than that Allow it to Pass Through Open Up Just for now, you can return later This is not done shorter or longer than 10 to 60 seconds.

If you do this too long, you get lost in the feeling. Does it come from a sense of wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness? Being needy. Being afraid to loose love. Wanting to be noticed. Wanting to be discovered. Getting angry at critisism. Opposite side of the the coin: Wanting to be disliked, disapproved. Wanting to be ignored. Wanting to hide. Wanting Control Fear of Loosing Control. Forcing things. Wanting to understand and figure out something. Wanting to make something happen.

The amount of love I felt pouring out of me for myself and for each person I visualized was so intense and so great that I was sobbing by the end of the practice. The last person I visualized was incredibly hard to send love to but once I let go and allowed myself to do so I felt a large chunk of the sadness and anger surrounding this person fall away. Even though I was crying I felt an immense amount of love and gratitude for the healing that had taken place.

Wednesday was a practice in letting go in terms of not hiding ourselves from others. We each chose a partner and participated in a couple different exercises. The first was to sit back to back and see if you could feel the other person through breath and connecting the heart. My partner and I ended up synchronizing our breathing and it was such a connecting way to be present with someone.

This practice works just how it sounds, you sit silently and make direct eye contact the entire time. And even though my partner is someone I consider a close friend, I still struggled to keep direct eye contact for the first few minutes. It felt awkward and uncomfortable staring at someone without speaking.

But once those initial feelings wore off I started to notice other things. It created a very deep connection and I honestly think this is quite a beautiful practice. The last practice that we did for the week was to participate in a fire ceremony. The fire ceremony consisted of writing two letters. One of all the things we wanted and needed to let go of and the other to our future self of all the things we want to be and do in our lives.

Then we would burn the letter of things we wanted to let go and send the letter to our future self to our home addresses. We gathered at the beach and all found quiet spots to write. As I wrote the letters all the feelings that were left over from the traumas and experiences I had been working with during my time here came to the surface. As soon as I lit the letter of letting go on fire, these feelings flooded out of my system.

It was the hardest I had cried in a long time. A few of my fellow students and my teacher all offered amazing support as I totally let go and just released everything. After a few minutes, the tears stopped. I was exhausted but felt incredibly light. The best way I can describe it is it felt like a huge black cloud had finally moved out of the way of the sun and I could now bask in its warm glow.

It was the final release that I needed and I am incredibly happy to have finally let it go. And with this focus on the breath comes the strength within my practice. The more I let go the deeper my friendships here become. The deeper I fall into love with myself and everyone else. And the happier my life becomes. She moved to New York City for work in and her practice faded out due to the inconsistent hours.

In she re-discovered her practice during a very intense and difficult series of events. After devoting herself to practice for another year she realized that she wanted to learn how to share the tools that yoga had given her to heal and grow with others. She found Vikasa online while researching and fell in love with the curriculum and location.