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The EEA also collaborates with the research community and expert panels, e. The recent EEA Report ' Food in a green light ' discusses food production and consumption, taking a food system perspective. It represents the total value generated by an agricultural holding engaged in a production activity and is defined as the value of production minus variable costs, depreciation and taxes on production, plus subsidies on production. We sat down with Blaz Kurnik, a Read more.

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This website has limited functionality with javascript off. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. The agricultural sector is one of the main land users in Europe and thus shapes landscapes in rural areas. It has various direct and indirect impacts on the environment and is itself dependent on natural resources. More photos Agricultural land plays an important role in land use patterns across the EU. CO 2 emissions from peat soil that is drained for agriculture make up Through irrigation, agriculture exerts major pressure on renewable water resources. Agriculture is one of the main sources of nitrates in surface and ground waters.

In several regions across Europe, often those with intensive agriculture, nitrate concentrations are still too high.


Agriculture contributes 25 million tonnes of oil equivalent Agriculture is an inherent part of food systems and the range of food produced in the EU is diverse. The EU is broadly self-sufficient in most agricultural primary commodities. It is also the single largest exporter of agri-food products, which include processed food EC, a. Key trends Despite the development of the agricultural sector depending on many factors and regional variations in the sector, some key trends at the European level can be observed.

Currently the CAP features two main pillars: Pillar 1, under which direct payments to farmers and market interventions are covered, and Pillar 2, under which rural development programmes are supported. Recent publications The recent EEA Report ' Food in a green light ' discusses food production and consumption, taking a food system perspective. Related content Sort by: Publishing date Title. News and articles High nature value HNV farmland The concept of HNV farmland ties together biodiversity to the continuation of farming on certain types of land and the maintenance of specific farming systems.

The general goal of the data set is to enhance the European map of HNV farmland that shows the estimated distribution and presence likelihood of HNV farmland across the whole European territory. Percentual change in the number of holdings and utilised agricultural area UAA by size class. Groundwater resources and rivers continue to be affected by overexploitation in many parts of Europe, especially in the western and eastern European basins.

Agriculture is still the main pressure on renewable water resources. However, water scarcity conditions created by population growth and urbanisation, including tourism, have particularly affected small Mediterranean islands and highly populated areas in recent years. Because of the huge volumes of water abstracted for hydropower and cooling, the hydromorphology and natural hydrological regimes of rivers and lakes continue to be altered. The targets set in the water scarcity roadmap, as well as the key objectives of the Seventh Environment Action Programme in the context of water quantity, were not achieved in Europe for the years — Landscapes in transition — An account of 25 years of land cover change in Europe Landscape is one of the most precious assets contributing to Europe's cultural identity.

As landscape is determined to a large extent by land use, the study of land use changes, especially through changes in the land cover, provides clues to the drivers of the transitions that landscape is currently going through.

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For example,. If a farm-seeker is unable to afford farmland or is interested in lowering the purchase price, the farm-seeker could look for an organization such as a land trust willing to buy an OPAV on the property at the same time the farmer purchases the land. It is important to note that OPAV transactions are not commonplace because they require the right circumstances—availability of land, seller, buyer, funding, and an OPAV holder, as well as closely coordinated land transactions. Farm-seekers considering buying conserved land or buying land and restricting it with an OPAV should also consider that if they later choose to sell the land, they will generally receive the reduced value of the land.

However, sometimes land continues to appreciate increase in value even with OPAV restrictions. If a farm has a mortgage as many do , it is still possible to place an OPAV. It does, however, add some extra steps. Typically, both an OPAV holder and a mortgage company will want to be in first position, meaning they will be paid first in the event of a foreclosure or other default or loss.

It is possible that a mortgage company would not allow an OPAV.

This is especially likely if the proceeds from the sale of an OPAV would not be enough to completely pay off the mortgage. If there is a mortgage, contact your bank or mortgage company to discuss. Sometimes, someone from the land trust or the government agency who would hold the OPAV can assist in this conversation. And if you have a lawyer, your lawyer can assist you. Instead, attorneys can provide information about pros and cons of different options, advice about what is common versus unusual, fair versus unfair, etc.

Attorneys can help farmers understand the range of possible farm transfer goals and help narrow down individual options so that farmers can make final decisions. The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems is an initiative of Vermont Law School, and this toolkit provides general legal information for educational purposes only.

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It is not meant to substitute, and should not be relied upon, for legal advice. Accordingly, for legal advice, please consult an attorney licensed in your state.

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Farmland Access Legal Toolkit Toggle navigation. Farmer Spotlight:. Farmer Stories Spotlight. Tools for Revenue, Affordability, and Legacy. Sale, Donation, and Bargain Sale. Land Trust or Government Agency. Full ownership of land comes with a variety of ownership rights. Some of these rights include: the right to build homes and other structures, the right to minerals, the right of access, the right to timber, the right to exclude others from the property, the right to rent or sell the property, the right to subdivide the property, and the right to restrict use of the land in certain ways.

Impact on Future Landowners. Impact on the Value of Land. What About a Mortgage? Benefits of OPAVs. Selling an OPAV can be a good way to get some cash out of the property. Landowners who donate OPAVs may receive tax benefits. OPAVs can provide peace of mind that a property will remain in agricultural production or in the family. Landowners can negotiate, creating an agreement tailored to their needs.

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Buying land restricted by an OPAV may create tax benefits. Drawbacks of OPAVs. Limited number of OPAV buyers. Limited amount of funds available to purchase OPAVs. Most OPAVs are permanent and bind all future landowners including heirs.

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Potential OPAV holders and farmers may not always share a common vision. Farmers with a mortgage may have limited options with respect to OPAVs. The amount of a loan offered by a bank to mortgage a property with an OPAV on it may be reduced. New owners are not allowed to negotiate new terms with the OPAV holder. Selling land after it has an OPAV can make the sale slower and more complicated. OPAVs may not ensure affordability for new and beginning farmers, who typically cannot compete against well-established farmers. How an Attorney Can Help. Negotiate the terms of the OPAV with a land trust or government agency.

Help decide which parts of the farm to put into the OPAV and which to exclude. Analyze the terms of the OPAV to help farm-seekers assess what they mean and how they may affect or restrict a new farm operation. Negotiate with a bank mortgage holder to facilitate a sale or donation of an OPAV. Determine a strategy for combining an OPAV with other transfer or conservation tools. Help farmers understand the possible tax implications of selling or donating an OPAV. Learn More About Farm Lawyers. Related Legal Tools. Land Trusts.