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Chale Reefs is a stunning family home on the shores of Msambweni Beach, a quiet The house is set in four acres of private land with 50 metres of beach.
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At other times the sand can be home to. I found the slope really beautiful though with more abundant and colourful corals.


The soft corals were open on this dive and just before my turning point I found a candy crab inside one of them! As I turned around the current had started to pick up a little — it was still very mild but I could feel it against me as I swam back. On the return section I was lucky enough to see a netted ceratosoma nudibranch and as I made my way shallower an ocellated phyllidia, two more crocodile fish smaller this time but laid side by side , a juvenile harlequin sweetlips, small schools of yellow snappers and some dense schools of bait fish just beneath the surface which looked incredible in the sun light as they swooped and swerved in unison like a giant cloud.

10 PRETTIEST Coral Reefs on the Planet

I found my bommie at 10 meters that I had picked out at the start of the dive and made my way up to the reef top, completed my safety stop and headed for the beach — back right where I started — easy navigation here as long as you find a marker at the start of the dive so you know where the exit point is. A great dive with a lot of small stuff, some excellent critters, bright colours, good visibility and a very slight current on the way back. For coral fans this is a beautiful reef dive with a lot to offer.

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Beware of currents and big waves though. Lembeh and Manado are going to have a tough job competing with this Battle of the house reefs part 1 dive — the variety of critter and fish action combined with the beautiful corals make it a text book, picture perfect coral reef dive — a tough one to beat! Your email format is wrong! Sad, but we couldn't add you to our mailing list ATM.


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Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse. Soft Corals on Bangka House Reef. Twitter Facebook.

monumental underwater city imagined to revitalize endangered coral reefs

Why is that important? A highly biodiverse ecosystem, one with many different species, is often more resilient to changing conditions and can better withstand significant disturbances. In addition, ecosystem services—benefits that humans receive from natural environments—are often greater in highly diverse places. Coral reefs, thanks to their diversity, provide millions of people with food, medicine, protection from storms, and revenue from fishing and tourism.

The biodiversity of reefs can also be appreciated simply for the wonder and amazement it inspires. Brightly colored, spotted, striped, speckled, or otherwise eccentrically patterned fish swim in and around coral reefs; some specialize in eating different kinds of algae, keeping corals from being smothered by their potentially deadly competitors. Sharks, groupers, and other predatory fish keep populations of smaller fish and other organisms in balance. Parrotfish actually eat the reef itself.

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They scrape at the coral to get to the small algae zooxanthellae living inside the coral polyp, then grind up the coral skeleton with teeth in their throats and excrete it as sand. Those beautiful, white sand beaches? Thank parrotfish. Even marine worms and snails perform important roles in the reef ecosystem.

Worms filter organic matter in the water and sediments, while snails such as limpets and conchs graze on algae.