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Beautiful Boy sees Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell delivering showcase work that's often powerful enough to make up for the story's muted emotional impact. Based on the best-selling pair of memoirs from father and son David and Nic Sheff, Beautiful Boy chronicles the.
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Addiction is very real to legions of people: approximately 20 million Americans meet the criteria for a substance-use disorder, and an estimated 72, Americans died from drug overdoses in , a twofold increase in a decade as the opioid epidemic worsened. From to , the number of drug-overdose deaths involving psychostimulants such as methamphetamine, a drug the real Nic used along with opiates like heroin, more than doubled. David wrings his hands with escalating helplessness.

It hits the same notes repeatedly. But this helps the film actually get at the mysteries of addiction, and why treating it remains so challenging: Who can really say why addicts, particularly privileged ones like Nic with a loving family and access to top-notch resources, begin using again even after periods of remission? How can anyone who loves someone struggling with addiction possibly help them? That is the reality of addiction, and it hit home for me as I watched the film and reflected on my own teenage years.

Stories like this tend to vary in setting and details, but also to conform to a certain pattern. Van Groeningen, who wrote the script with Luke Davies, arranges the narrative in chronological curlicues, looping back and forth in time and relying heavily on extended, music-driven montages. The digressions and flashbacks rest on a familiar sequence: a crisis is followed by an attempt at sobriety and, usually, a relapse. He cannibalizes love and undermines trust, and allows glimmers of his smart, charming self to peak through at strategic moments.

David swerves from denial to guarded optimism to exasperation, veering into rage and despair. Perhaps the addict grieves for himself, too. Addiction, after all, can look like the stages of grief: denial and anger, bargaining and depression.

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Nic experiences all of these and more before he accepts help. Before the cycle renews again. It is, perhaps, unnecessary to say that Beautiful Boy is not a particularly family-friendly movie. It's filled with drug use and cursing and a lot of seriously uncomfortable behavior. It's hard to sit through. And for some Christian adults who sit through this movie, Beautiful Boy may even stir something like … pride?

They can see where David could've done better—the mistakes that David himself sees, in retrospect. But as I watched this movie, I thought about those parents, Christian or otherwise, who've watched their own children become very different adults than their parents had ever imagined: Beautiful boys and girls who slipped into drugs or promiscuity, who left school or left the faith, who walked away from their parents' teaching via small steps or one, massive jump. The guilt and grief.

The overwhelming sadness. And therein lies the movie's hope. During a moment of sobriety in the movie, Nic stands up at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and talks about how amazing his mother and father have been. How much they've supported him through unimaginably such times. And he means it. It doesn't stop the craving, because the craving never stops. Such good intentions don't prevent relapses on their own. We're broken. We're weak. God's most glorious creation is cracked and scabbed.

His beautiful boys and girls are broken—all of us, but some seemingly more than others.

But the movie tells us that, underneath the scars and flaws, underneath the mistakes we make and the falls we take, a tiny glow of our God-given beauty lingers. And through dogged determination and faith and love, maybe we can find it again. Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about drugs and alcohol? Read stories about people overcoming substance abuse and learn more about resources to receive help.

Read More. Felix Van Groeningen.

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Paul Asay. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online. No Rating Available. Watch This Review.

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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. Movie Review He was , you know. A beautiful boy. All brown hair and wide eyes and heart. After he got the good news, he pulled out a joint and asked his dad to help him celebrate. David answers with three words that will haunt him ever after. More than 7 million Americans battle drug addiction. Just one matters to David right now. His son. His beautiful boy. Positive Elements "Everything," David sometimes tells Nic in times better and worse.

Spiritual Content As David tries to understand his son's addiction, he takes another young addict to lunch. Sexual Content Nic breaks one of his sobriety stints with an old girlfriend.

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Violent Content We're told that meth addicts sometimes lash out violently. Crude or Profane Language Nearly 40 f-words. Drug and Alcohol Content Obviously, Beautiful Boy is predicated on the use and abuse of illegal drugs. People drink wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Beautiful Boys

Other Negative Elements Nic vomits a few times—including once all over his father as David pulls him out of an alley and tries to drive him home. Conclusion Shortly before seeing Beautiful Boy , I read this passage from Gregory David Roberts' novel Shantaram : "The first light that junkies lose is the light in their eyes. Pro-social Content. Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory.

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Plot Summary. Christian Beliefs. Other Belief Systems.

Beautiful Boy

Authority Roles. Discussion Topics. Credits Rating. Readability Age Range. Genre Drama. Director Felix Van Groeningen.